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Lente Photography


This is a digital photography program designed to develop and enhance knowledge, skills, understanding and work ethic as a photographer. This covers basic and advanced technical photography essential for taking and producing quality photographs.

Process: Students will learn the basic processes and tools associated needed to create meaningful and communicative digital photos.

Studies: Students will display a working knowledge of the concepts in this module by completing several tasks using templates or instructions provided.

Software: Students will use Adobe Photoshop software to enhance and refine projects.

The key lessons that are developed are as follows: 

  • To be able to operate and be knowledgeable with basic camera parts and functions.
  • To be able to use basic and advanced photography equipment.
  • To be able to create permanent visual images for an exceptionally wide range of creative, technical and documentary purposes. 

Program Requirements:

1. Desktop computer/Laptop

Operating System : Windows 7, 8, or 10
Processor : Intel i5 / i7 CPU or AMD10
Memory : 4GB RAM
Video Card : 2GB

2. DSLR Camera (kit lens or different lenses
3. Camera tripod
4. Internet connection with at least 10mbps
5. Headsets
6. Web Camera (for personal computers)
7. External Hard Drive/Flash Drive (for backup)
8. Software: Adobe Photoshop (any version)
9. Reading and Video References (provided by the school)

Assignments and Evaluation Criteria

Assignments will be marked based on creativity and presentation quality and must be presented in the manner requested of each particular assignment.


Each submitted assignment has its own rubric depending on the assignment’s goals and objectives. General requirements include different genres of photography, creativity of content and theme of images. Upon submission, assignments will be checked by the instructor and returned to the student with feedback.