TESDA Registered Programs

Animation NCII (WTR. NO. 201615032017)

Animation has a training period of 616hrs which focuses on traditional (hand drawn) animation specifically on producing quality in-between and clean up drawings. All scholars and paying students are required to take a QUALIFYING EXAM free of charge which allows us to assess how far along the applicant is with their drawing skills and if they are ready. Portfolio is not required but is a plus to get qualified. 

Program Requirements:

  1. Desktop Computer or Laptop Minimum Specifications (OS: Windows 7, 8, 10; 2.0 GHz Intel or AMD processor, 8GB Memory)
  2. Internet connection with at least 8mbps
  3. Headset
  4. Web Camera (for personal computers)
  5. Drawing Tablet (Encouraged but Mandatory for Drawing/Animation Classes)
  6. Software (Depending on the Course)